Information Communicaton & Data Management Certification


Stands for in Information Communication and Data Management. It is an initiative of prime innovation institute of technology, a nine month course designed to train and equip individuals who wish to build a career in information and communication technology and gains a direct entry to Nd2 in Bellarks polytechnic. ICDM modules are designed based on modern technological tools.


Prime has an alliance with Bellarks Polytechnic, a private polytechnic in Kwale, Delta State Nigeria. With ICDM Prime, You get an opportunity to transfer your credits and study to get you HND at Bellarks Polytechnic.

ICDM Courses

ICDN - Level 1 ✓. Introudction to Computer
✓. Programming Principles & Technique
✓. Cloud Computing
✓. Logic Origramming in C/C++
✓. Html5 Design(Css, JavaScript, Angular/Jquery)

ICDN - Level 2a(.Net elective) ✓. SQL Server Manangement Studio
✓. Windows 10 Phone Development
✓. Application Development With C#
✓. Asp.Net MVC Web Development

ICDN - Level 2b(.Java elective) ✓. Oracle 11/12g Database
✓. Fundamentals Java Programming
✓. Professional Java Programming
✓. Advanced Java Programming
✓. Andriod Development
✓. Java EE (Spring, Strut/Jsf/Hibernate Framework)

ICDN - Level 3 ✓. Web Development With PHP/Laravel & MySQL
✓. Enterprise Web DEvelopment With Python (Django)
✓. Agile Development Principles
✓. Project Management Principles
✓. Json/Ajax Framework